Viola was born in Catania on June 1, 1993.
Since she was a child she is careful to search with a sensitive eye what is hidden behind the appearance of the world. Passionate about travel, she graduated from linguistic high school where she studied English, French and Spanish in order to satisfy her curiosity about the world. The encounters with the most disparate people and realities stimulate her to the point of wanting to understand their intimate essence, arousing interest in Psychology.
In 2012 she enrolled at the DAMS in Bologna where she studied Disciplines of the Art of Music and Performing Arts. Thanks to the Psychology of Art course, she comes into contact with the arts-therapies. It is a discovery that excites her, as it combines two fields that until then she had always thought in separate forms, art and psychology. In 2015 she participated in the Erasmus + project by spending the entire academic year at the Nova University of Lisbon. The Portuguese experience confirms his growing interest in the world of Arts Therapies. Here, in fact, she has the opportunity to follow the courses in Psychology of Music of the teacher Helena Rodriguez, who uses Edwin Gordon's Theory of Music Learning, and to participate in the 'Interpretative Practice' laboratory increasing the curiosity and involvement for the dimension of therapeutic art and performance, understood as moments of catharsis and of liberation of the energies of the self of each individual.
Later she moved to Milan and attended the experimental course of Theory and Practice of Artistic Therapy at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.
During this period she puts into practice the knowledge acquired during her studies and the experience abroad by creating various laboratory projects that form her as an Art Therapist.
During these years she came into contact with many artists of the Milanese scene with whom she collaborated in exhibition and curatorial projects, experimenting with his own creative line in continuous evolution.
In 2020 she became a founding member of  Zona Blu cultural artistic association which inaugurated its spaces in February.