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Copia di PERFORMA24 si sviluppa a partire dal concetto di performance continua e diffusa.p

April 22, 2022

The Open Call is open to submit your performances to the PERFORMA24 event: Find out how to participate! 

PERFORMA24 is a contemporary art project that develops from the concept of continuous and widespread performance  lasting 24 hours divided into different areas of the city of Milan .

The event will start on Friday 22 April and will end the following day, 23 April.

Each zone and space will be assigned a time slot of about three hours in which the performance will be staged, and it will also be possible to participate in all the initiatives promoted by the artist, such as talks, workshops, installations, video art.

The public will be able to follow all the performances by moving from area to area so that they can themselves perform a performative action following the path of the exhibitions.

In fact, the project was born from the idea of creating a relational network between the public and the rich group of performing artists, who investigate the cultural codes of contemporary art through the body and its living in the world, a subject sensitive to the post-pandemic situation as a moment. of rediscovery and restart.

With the open call the performers will be invited to use exhibition spaces and cultural centers active in  Milan  like temporary studios, momentary stages, flash scenographies. 

PERFORMA24  integrates multiple artistic languages with performance, such as installations, video art, projections, sound design and talk, workshops, fashion, theater, dance.

Step 1
Open call  NEW DEAD LINE  > January 31 <

You can participate by proposing your own performative project and / or your own stage space that will act as a container for one of the selected performances.

To participate, send an email to zonabluassociazione@gmail.com with :
- personal or collective CV
- portfolio or link where you can view your work
- brief concept of the performance
   (max 2000 characters) 

Indicating the space in which  you want to stage your performance:
- Blue Zone Fluid Perimeter
- Temple of the Lost Future (Daylight room)

- Wild Art Project
- Tufano Studio
- Urban Cultural Sea (multipurpose room / courtyard / rooms a and b / external square)

Or, if you want to propose your space as a PERFORMA24 scenario, send:
- address, photos and floor plan
- brief presentation and mission of the space

Step 2
Selection: 01 January - 01 February

Outcome Mail & Program: February 15th

PERFORMA24 is a Blue Zone project in collaboration with Tempio Daylight, and with partners Wild Art Project, Tufano Studio and Mare Culturale Urbano.