IBAN IT52Z0569611100000012000X95
BIC / SWIFT code: POSOIT22 (if required)
Reason: Covid-19 Solidarity Auction Zona Bl Association - Artist: Name and Surname


To participate in the auction you will have to interact by commenting on the post directly on Instagram.
It starts from an auction base of a ceiling of 50 euros.
You can raise starting from € 10.

The winner is whoever has bid the most at the end of the auction.

1. The duration of the auction is subject to change.

2. The winner must make the payment directly to the IBAN of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital

3. Every Monday a report will be made on the Instagram page with the data made public.

4. To collect / receive the work you will have to wait for the end of the quarantine in order not to overload the couriers and it will be at the buyer's expense.

5. It will be the duty of the Zona Blu association to put the artist and the buyer in contact to agree on the shipment of the awarded work.


1. The idea is to create a virtual gallery that acts as a showcase of works of art. Likewise, the exhibition will act as a stimulus to support the charity project.

2. The virtual exhibition will remain active on social networks and on the Zona Blu website in order to give a wide audience the opportunity to appreciate it.

3. Each artist will auction their works.

4. The collection of the work will be at the buyer's expense.

5. Some artists from Lombardy will be selected to create an exhibition at the end of the emergency before occupying the buyer's living room.

6. The exhibition will be preceded by a communication work that, step by step, will make known the names of the creative participants and of anyone who wants to join the Zona Blu association.

7. A specific THEME is not required for the works.

For any questions, contact Zona Blu's Instagram page directly or send an email to the following address: