| ReTribe Collective | will accompany us on a journey into the folklore and the magic of far and near countries. From the serene and boundless Brazilian Amazon forest to the scorching Kalahari desert through the refreshing peaks of the Andes ending with a dip in the Indian Ocean.
An aperitif that goes around the world on a flying carpet for a folktronic sound journey on the rise of BPM: from the shaman downtempo, to the mystic slow house and deep melodic techno.
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Retribe Milano Crew:
Dj Feli PE Carrera - https://www.mixcloud.com/feli_pe_carrera/
Dirty Raskal - https://www.mixcloud.com/davideimallom/
Dj Adarì - https://soundcloud.com/andrea-d-rizzi
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Who we are:
ReTribe Collective :: Music Without Borders is a collective made up of DJs and producers that aims to spread global bass and electronic world music culture through thematic events that combine DJ-sets and live-sets of sophisticated electronic sounds such as #tropicalbass , #ethnobeat , #ElectronicWorldMusic , #chillrave and #shamanic #downtempo .
The project was born from the joint venture of several companies already active in Rome, Turin and Milan.
ReTribe takes you on a journey to discover the new nomadic tribes of sound that cross the musical scenarios of the planet from the #Ande to the #Maghreb up to the heart of the #Mali desert, crossing the dense #amazzonic #forest .
A path of cultural contamination between the past and the future, a mosaic of native sounds from all over the planet.
Unexplored musical territories, from Bogotà to Tulum via Kinshasa and Casablanca, from tropical sound to Ivorian funky, from Colombian digital cumbia to Andean techno, a tribal vortex that will envelop you in its unstoppable groove.

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NB we warn you that it will not be possible to access the space if you have not requested an online membership at least 48 HOURS BEFORE the event
LINK: https://zonabluassociazione.wixsite.com/zonablu/tesseramento

Payment and delivery of the membership card will take place on site upon your arrival!
COST: € 5 (no cards or debit cards, cash only)