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SITU Festival, founded by the artist Nicola Tineo, curated by Sofia Baldi and sponsored by the Aps Zona Blu, wishes to trace in Militello in Val di Catania, Sicily, the design of an "open-air museum", where culture is at center of the Festival's activities.

The project consists of a residence from 16 to 29 August 2021 for 9 artists selected through Open Call who will each receive a church as a studio to think and design the work that can be visited by the public from 27 to 29 August.

In addition to the exhibition dimension, SITU Festival has organized a program of collateral events (talks, video projections, live performances, art therapy workshops, musical explorations) to reactivate Militello's identity context with innovative social-cultural proposals.

SITU Festival - Edition 2021 takes shape in the prestigious Baroque architectural setting of Militello in Val di Catania, a small town in the Sicilian hinterland included among the most beautiful villages in Italy and since 2002 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although Militello is not one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, this village is considered one of the most fascinating in Sicily and as evidence of its illustrious past, domes and bell towers, 20 churches, 9 convents as well as numerous noble palaces stand out.

SITU Festival intends to dialogue with the social fabric and the different economic realities of the territory, to stimulate collaborative mechanisms and dynamics between artists, cultural operators, participants and the community of Militello. The goal is to experiment and disseminate inclusive and aggregative cultural practices for resident and non-resident communities, through a re-evaluation and re-discovery of everyday places.

SITU Festival uses interdisciplinary creative practices designed ad hoc for the territory, capable of involving different types of audiences to trigger a territorial regeneration starting from the experience of culture.


Festival: 27-28-29 August 2021
Artist Residence: from August 16th to August 29th 2021

SITU Festival  embraces and questions the historical sites of Acate / U 'Viscari in the light of contemporary artistic research. In addition to the exhibition dimension, SITU Festival organizes a program of collateral events ( talks , video projections, art therapy workshops, musical explorations ) to enrich the artistic, social and cultural landscape of the place that hosts it with innovative proposals.

A space for reflection open through the Talks , touching on issues such as territorial migration, the desire to return to the places of origin, the need to rethink and re-discuss what we have left behind, the creation of increasingly dense relational networks, also rethinking to the ways of living the planet earth in a dimension of conflict that has been stirring within our daily walls for some years now between epidemics and wars.


The two art therapy workshops will involve the citizens of Acate in a transformative and regenerative process, creating [in the participants] a new awareness of themselves and of the place they live in.


The sound explorations and Djsets will enrich and activate dynamics of aggregation and involvement, broadening the gaze of artistic research not only on the visual, but also on the sound landscape.


SITU Festival - Edition 2022 takes place within the prestigious walls of the castle of Acate, a town known for an episode that occurred during the Second World War and went down in history as the massacre of Biscari.
The project consists of a residence from 30 August to 12 September 2022 for 5 artists selected through Open Call who will work inside the rooms of the Biscari castle, moving the steps between its traditions and the transversal gazes of contemporaneity


Festival dates: 9-10-11 September 2022

Artist residency dates: from 30 August to 08 September 2022
Open Call Expiry Date:  15 July 2022 by 00.00

The chosen artists will be announced:  by 20 July 2021 and they will be contacted personally by email.




The open call is aimed at artists, performers, musicians, dancers, designers, sound designers, architects, photographers, video makers, art therapists and creatives in general. The submission of applications is free and open to anyone,

there are no limits on age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, religion, social and political conduct.





The SITU Cultural Festival supports the research of artists through the funding of the artist residency from 30 August to 11 September (Accommodation) at Marina di Acate in Sicily.

The team is currently in dialogue with various commercial partners to support the production of the unpublished works, but at the moment there is no reimbursement of expenses, except for the accommodation which will be guaranteed by the organization; we will update you when selecting any notifications.




The artists will be selected on the basis of the coherence and originality of the proposed work, on the adherence to the concept and the input data within the pdf of the open call relating to the historical and social characteristics of Acate, as well as on the general poetics of the 'artist.



To participate, the following material must be sent by email to by 15 July at 00.00 :


> Biography and portfolio in pdf format. Any audiovisual or multimedia content must be present on web platforms and reported via links.


> Concept that describes the project of the work for SITU Festival 2022, consistent with the work of the candidate artist * (max 2,000 characters, in pdf format)


> Sketch of the work. (A selection of up to 5 JPEG images, any links in the case of audio / video processing)


> Working Time Table (organization of the artist's work for the days of residence)

> In the case of a sound performance, indicate: duration, setting and environmental characteristics favorable to the performance, useful links for evaluating the work;

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